About Us

Shabab Al Sibtayn (or Sibtayn Youth) is a non-profit organisation that aims to cultivate a safe environment for Shia Muslim Youth in the West to learn about their faith and network through various activities. Based mainly in North West London, we have hosted an array of events, ranging from traditional majalis to history lessons and sporting activities. We aspire to help people to network and strengthen their faith, developing them into leaders of their respective communities. This organisation also serves as a platform for speakers to share their wisdom. 

We host annual events (majalis) for the Nights of Destiny in Ramadhan as well as the first ten nights of Muharram. 

A recent project undertaken was ‘The Tabarruk Initiative’ in collaboration with Al Akbar Foundation with the aim to deliver food (tabarruk) to the vulnerable and busy Hussainis who were unable to attend the majalis this year due to the pandemic.